Why PM-International?

International companies that support your business

PM-International is distributed in more than 40 countries around the world. In 2016, its net turnover reached 460 million U.S. dollars. Our mission to help people get quality nutrition and achieve healthy and active lives is exactly the same.

The goals of PM-International's independent members to develop their business complement each other.

High transparency sales model

We are members of all recognized distributor associations around the world. PM-International independent members are paid for their product sales, and building a team business requires simple skills, determination, time, and effort.

Appreciable compensation plan

Members can earn retail and wholesale profits, and they can earn income from agency commissions and bonuses. Satisfied customers' repeated orders will keep your PM-International business growing.

Training courses to help you develop your business

PM-International has designed a simple and efficient training program for its distributors around the world. Dealers can get information from this program that is conducive to business success. You do not need to know any advanced business knowledge. We will provide you with support in how to build your personal business.

A number of online markets and sales tools and training sessions, a clear and easy-to-replicate business model, to meet the changing needs of customers at all times.

Nutritional research demonstration products

Under the leadership of our scientific research leadership team, we are committed to nutrition research and development, and follow stringent quality assurance to conduct comprehensive product monitoring.

Outstanding sports partnership

PM-International is the official sponsor and supplier of many sports associations in Europe under the brand name FitLine. Its sponsors include the Deutscher Skiverband, the Deutscher EisHockey-Bund, the Bund Deutscher Radfahrere (V), the Polish Ski Association (PZN) and many more.

Our brand awareness has been greatly improved.

Travel incentives

Working with PM-International, you will have the opportunity to visit the world for free. Each year we offer our dealers a free week-long trip, including PM Europe (traveling to different places in Europe), PM World Tour (travel around the world), and presidential awards. As long as you reach a certain level, you can enjoy these rewards.

Why PM-International? Because our products and career opportunities can help you achieve nutritional and personal goals.